Le tuto du châle Pointillés

Publié le 19 Février 2014

Plusieurs tricopines (merci à elles!) m'ont demandé de faire un tuto pour mon châle Pointillés...

Le tuto du châle Pointillés
Le tuto du châle Pointillés
Le tuto du châle Pointillés

Alors, n'en pouvant plus devant les hurlements d'impatience, je vous ai concocté ce petit tuto...

Et je l'ai même traduit en anglais, mazette!



Pour le télécharger, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.


Si jamais vous y trouvez des erreurs pouvez-vous me les signaler?

Et si jamais vous le réalisez, pourrez-vous me montrer vos réalisations?

Rédigé par miclasouris

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Kathy 28/11/2015 16:50

Sorry this is in English. Finished the shawl and I love it. Used stash yarns. Merci for a lovely pattern. Kathy
Pointilles Shawl-4.jpg

miclasouris 30/11/2015 11:07

I'm happy you did it. But I can see the .jpg -it doesn't open! Did you put it on Ravelry?

Fricheteau 28/11/2015 00:08

Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà réalisé ce châle ? Je ne comprends pas certaines explications et j'aurais besoin d'aide. Ça fait 5 fois que je détricote :(
Merci !

miclasouris 28/11/2015 07:58

J'ai répondu en message privé

Kathy 22/07/2015 03:47

This is a beautiful shawl. I have it almost finished to the feather and fan edging. I have 2 questions about the edging. Do you continue to knit 3 stitches at the beginning and end of each row? Do you continue to add a stitch between the knit 3 and feather and fan stitches and the beginning and around the center stitch down the middle every other row?

Kathy 22/07/2015 13:55

Thank you, thank you for the rapid response. I thought that might be right, but didn't want to frog out anymore that I had to. I'll try to post my finished product on Ravelery (2ndgenner) and hopefully soon.

miclasouris 22/07/2015 10:36

Yes you should continue everything...When you can (i.e. when you have enough added stitches!), you introduce the feather and fan - so there is no space without lace).
Good knitting!

Edie 08/05/2015 01:22

How do I get an English version of this pattern??

miclasouris 08/05/2015 11:57

You click on the english version (down the post) and it loads... Hope you can!

Kathy Beaumont 30/03/2015 17:47

Oh my, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I have a question. In the description of the slipped stitch pattern, you say to do the second set of slipped stitches like the third row of the first set. I checked the French version and it says the same. Did you perhaps mean to do as the second row, only with the slip stitch moved over to stagger the dots? I hope you can make sense of what I am saying. I look forward to making this beautiful shawl!

Kathy Beaumont 31/03/2015 04:10

It was my morning, and I have had a good day. Thank you for responding so quickly. I am choosing colors! Have a great day.

miclasouris 30/03/2015 20:14

I made changes in the pattern... You can load the new pattern!

miclasouris 30/03/2015 19:10

Sorry! It seems to be "like the thire row"... changng just the position of the dots...
Thanks for your mail and good evening (morning for you?